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wear-no-more: this dress

After I made my first maxi dress, I had to make another…This dress has been chilling in my closet for over 4 years. Here I am wearing it during my junior year of college, with my 2 sisters. So many memories…Here I am with 2 of my best friends. As you can see, it was a great college dress. I tossed a tank underneath, a little sweater over top, and I was good to go. That’s not going to happen anymore… This is how the dress is supposed to be worn. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute. But, it’s a lot of material, it looks like a pregnancy dress and it’s too low-rather uncomfortable. It was screaming to be transformed, and with my new found love for maxi skirts…I got giddy. Here’s what happened after I got a hold of it. I love the vibrancy, the comfortable-ness, and everything! I’m wearing heals in the photos, but I’m all about a pair of flips-flops and a tank top for a casual day. Thoughts? signature




I was pretty much MIA last week. We will blame it on Netflix…Gossip Girl to be exact. I crammed all 6 seasons into 3 weeks. I should be ashamed of myself, but what else is a stay-at-home-wife supposed to do? I’ll get caught up on the ironing this week, I promise. Also, I was healing & pealing from my nasty sunburn.

Anywho, I’m back with a wear no more post that I’m pretty pumped about.

As you already know, from my last skirt transformation, I love skirts. I got rather used to wearing them growing up, and then they were a must during my college days. Thankfully, I don’t have to cover my knees 24/7 anymore. I took my inspiration from this super cute LOFT skirt. The cut and length is perfect for my 5’3″ little self.

I’ve had this New York & Co. skirt for a long time. It’s a size 2, cotton, pencil skirt. (not that it looks very pencil-y on me…

I hemmed it up about 5″+ shaped the sides to taper in a bit + gave it a good iron. Vwa-la!

I’m thrilled to add this gem to my skirt collection.

I’d also like to announce my new found desire to wear lipstick. Up until today, I went for the lip gloss. Blair (from Gossip Girl) has inspired me to rock some lipstick. Here’s to trying new things! :-)blair waldorf, cat eye , gossip girl, hair, harry winston

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wear-no-more: baggy pants

Today’s transformation just might knock your socks off. It did mine. Usually I can whip up these adjustments in under 2 hours. Not today. It took me all day. My poor sewing machine and I got in an awful fight, and I almost gave up! The humidity outside didn’t help at all. All around frustrating. That is until I finally finished and looked in the mirror!!! Here we go…

I’m loving the new ankle-pant look. It’s so stylish and perfect for shorties. They go great with practically any style of shoe. I really like pants that can help me pull of the shirt tucked in & un-tucked, always a plus. As usual, I am completely unwilling to pay what these places are asking. Mrs. El Cheapo.

The Loft: $69.50

Express: $69.90

J.Crew: $98.00

Café capri in seersucker

I have several pairs of pants in my wear-no-more pile. These pair have been in my closet for a few years, collecting dust. I think I wore them once, and now I’m embarrassed people saw me in public like this. They are made by Tracy Evans & supposedly a size 1. No way are these puppies a 1!!

After hours & hours. Headache upon headache. A coke, a cookie, and an episode of Gossip Girl…

Even though there are a few imperfections, and I might need to make a minor adjustment later, I’m VERY happy with the turnout. I love that they fit!

Thoughts? Leave a comment!

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wear-no-more: school skirts

I have slowly but surely tossed/donated most of the skirts that I wore while in school. There are a few stragglers that I have in my wear-no-more pile. Going back to what we talked about yesterday, odd lengths on tiny people just don’t work. I look best in skirts the are floor length or at least a couple of inches above the knee. Anything in between just looks off and anything to the mini extreme makes me feel violated. My all time favorite skirts right now are the jersey knit skirts that are EVERYWHERE. This skirt is from JCPenny, $10.

I have several from different stores, different colors, different patterns. They are awesome. I can pair them with a tank top & flip-flops or dress them up a shirt & heals. They are perfect for Puerto Rico weather; super light and airy.

All that to say, here was my challenge today. This is a mess of a stylish skirt. I love the animal print, and I love the jersey knit fabric. That’s about it. Oh, and if I remember the price correctly @ $7 (clearance), I love that too.

1. Take in sides to fit 2. Remove lining 3. Chop off length/hem

Geez, I look so depressed. (If you were here watching me work with my camera & DIY tripod, you’d be depressed too!)

Here’s for one fantastic transformation!

Woohoo!! This skirt has just ranked #1 on my favorite clothing pieces! :) I’m so pumped with how it turned out.

What do you think?? What pieces of clothing do you need to do a major overhaul to? signature