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Spring in the Bathroom


I’ve mentioned time and time again, the lack of fabric & craft stores. Luckily, I brought a little stash of stuff with me. For now, that’ll due. The process of settling into our apartment is a work in progress. We are slowly but surely making it our own. Even though the weather here is way different than the states…I still wanted some Spring-i-ness brought in. We had some bottles that I had removed the labels from. {I tried the whole dropping paint into the bottle technique first…horrible} So, I grabbed a handy dandy can of spray paint, and bam. I may tweak them later with some glitter or lace.¬†It definitely adds a little¬†pretty into our bathroom. :)



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our dream home: wallpaper {jk}

There are some fancy-shmancy wallpaper patterns out there that I absolutely love. However, I would never wish upon my worst enemy the time consuming challenge of removing {or hanging, for that matter} wallpaper of any sorts. I am a firm believer in finding a way. Thankfully there are many creative ways to add pattern, texture, & design without fooling around with the wallpaper challenge. One day, when we are designing our dream home, I can check back on here for some inspiration. Here are some of my favorites that will inspire the incorporation of {faux} wallpaper in any space. Enjoy!

Have you completed any {faux} wallpaper projects?? I think as long as I have some sort of stencil, I’m good to go! signature