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Top: Old Navy | Skirt: JCPenney | Heels: Off Broadway Shoes | Necklace: Macy’s

#26 of the 30×30 Challenge

If you can’t tell, I was rather grumpy during this photo shoot. Haha I felt very comfy in my easy-breezy top, and very glam in my glitzy skirt. Best of both worlds.

Short and sweet. My favorite kind of post. Have a fabulous Thursday!!




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Double Denim Duo

Top: JCPenney | Jeans: aerie | Belt: Ann Taylor | Shoes: JCrew Outlet | Earrings: Target

#25 of the 30×30 Challenge

I’ve seen this double denim trend going around, and here I am trying it out. I think the floral belt helped break it up a bit and add some interest. This was my Man of Steel, date night outfit. I am always cold in movie theaters, and I need to be comfortable if I’m going to sit there for 2+ hours. This was the perfect movie outfit, to say the least.

I will give Man of Steel a 8.5/10. It was really good, just really long. And my body hurt from all of the fights, lol.





Dress: Kohls | Top: JCPenney | Shoes: Jcrew Outlet | Purse: Coach Outlet | Belt: Forever 21 | Earrings: Target

#17 of the 30×30 Challenge

I am a recent lover of chambray, and a long time lover of lace. This duo rocks. The lace adds the perfect femininity I need to feel girly.

I wore this to a trip to the mall. The mall here is amAzing… It is about triple the size of my hometown mall. Like, you can seriously get lost. Oh, and there are palm trees chilling all around.

We’re finally/officially moved into the apartment. We brought SO much stuff from the states, it’s ridiculous. So, finding a spot for everything will be quite the task. Wish me luck.


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Pants: Aerie | Top: JCPenney | Shoes: Target | Belt: H&M |

#11 of the 30×30 Challenge

I tell you, my new life in this blogging world has completely changed my look on my own personal fashion/style. I never used to wear belts… Love them now. And then there’s this chambray top. I never thought this look would ever be ‘me.’ I would have tossed it in a hillbilly/country girl’s wardrobe. Nope. It’s chilling in my wardrobe, and I’m in love. I really want to purchase a polka dot chambray. How fun are they? We’ll just say it’s a necessity.

I’ve had such a wonderful time having my mom here for 2 full weeks. It’s our last full day. Sad. This past weekend we went hiking up to a waterfall, walking all around Old San Juan, and then drove all the way to the other side of the island to one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been too. Our friends from school got married last week and were honeymooning here. We sneaked them outside of the hotel and took them with us. It was so much fun!! (Pictures are being compiled and all organized…coming soon!)





Top: Target | Skirt: JCPenney | Heels: Off Broadway Shoes | Necklace: AE | Watch: Fossil

#8 of the 30×30 Challenge

Okay, I have been loving all of the crazy beautiful bling-ified skirts that seem to catch my eye wherever I go. About a month ago I searched the www for a few options. I came across this one at JCPenney, and it was on clearance, $14. Not bad. We went to the mall the next day, and I stopped by to see if they had it available in store, before I paid shipping. There it was, one lonely pretty hanging all by itself in my size. It gets better. It had a cute little red sticker stamped $5. Did I mention I had a 20% mobile coupon? I did, so this blinged out skirt only cost 16 quarters + tax. Does it get much better than that??????

I wore this to go to dinner with mom & Victor. I didn’t want to be too dressy, so I went with a more casual top. I also ended up tossing on some leopard flats later in the evening.

Today was day one of laying out at the beach with my madre. Slowly but surely the freckles will pop, I’ll burn, and then possibly look like a golden goddess. Or a tomato. :)

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