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This is my madre. She’s the best of the best. Today she turns 50! (How many 50 year olds do you know look this good? + 11 kids, yeah right.) She is my biggest inspiration and role model. Hands down, she’s the strongest person I know. The relationship she has with each of her kids is special and unique. I am beyond blessed to call her “mom.” (Victor would say the same.)

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you so very much, and I am so-so-so proud of you.





Looks like we made it!

A year ago, today, Victor and I were on a Florida beach, in front of our closest family & friends, promising our love for one another for the rest of our lives. It was the perfect day, and God was there. He orchestrated this marriage, and we have been extremely blessed. I am one lucky girl to call this man my husband and best friend. This has been the craziest year of my life, and by that I mean, it’s been a roller coaster of fun. We are so thankful for each other and for a God that has directed each step along the way. (yes, each of our 5 moves…haha) We are more than thrilled to see what year number 2 brings.

We plan on taking some sort of vacation towards the end of the year. (How do you take a vacation when you live on an island?? … My thoughts exactly!!)

{More wedding pictures}


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That Game

Monday’s are usually dedicated to documenting our fabulous weekends. Not that this weekend wasn’t fabulous, but my mind has been consumed by more important, life-threatening issues. Candy Crush Saga. I’m a tad bit addicted. {I know a few of you are as well…} This morning my sister wakes me up, asking for a ticket to the next segment. {Well, good morning to you too, sister.} I then find out, my mom is the one helping her play. {my MOM????} So much for the grand idea of buying her a smart phone… {jk} Special thanks to all of my loving friends that have supported my new bad habit by sending me lives, extra moves, & tickets!!!

Now, if only I can figure out level 50, dangit!






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The Office Nook

{Before} It was somewhat an unused space. The laundry room hides behind those doors, which is so nice. But, the rest of the area was pretty much just storage. Due to the fact that I am a firm believer that every home needs some sort of office space, this was immediately where I decided for it to be.The desk, chair & lamp were chilling in the second bedroom. It fit perfectly! We found the white desk organizer at TjMaxx on clearance {booyah!} The space is nothing to be desired, YET! I have someĀ  big plans for wall decor, especially to cover up the switch box. We will have to be somewhat strategic, because the walls are all cement. {Hammering nails isn’t a cup of tea!} I will keep you posted…no worries.



End of April.

Victor had a rather crazy week with work, way busy. I spent Wed. – Fri. sick in bed with a migraine. We looked forward to the weekend so desperately. When it came, we napped! We shopped around for ceiling fans & a television for the apartment. We found our sweet tooth{s} at a bakery. We watched October Baby, awesome movie!! {pro-LIFE} On our way to church, Victor had to stop in at work to check on a flight. We ended up getting stuck at the airport all day. Game night 2 nights in a row. Last night we took a nice walk around San Juan. Overall, total relaxation.