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wear-no-more: skinny jeans that don’t fit

This is a photos from our engagement album. I’m wearing my favorite pair of skinny jeans…one of those Target runs that turned into, “let me see if they have anything on sale in the clothing section.” However, consistently found myself pairing them with boots. They never fit correctly around the ankle. They were baggy-skinny jeans. So, I hid them with my boots, magic. Back in December I chopped them off, thinking I could wear them as capris when we moved to PR. Right… They officially got tossed into the wear-no-more pile a couple of weeks ago. I find myself wearing lots of shorts and skirts these days. Why not trim them up, similar to the black pair I transformed last week?

Who was I kidding, I would never wear these in public.

I trimmed them up a few more inches, iron pressed a double fold, then a quick little stitch inside to hold them into place.


From my favorite pair of skinny jeans, to my favorite pair of skinny shorts. Bam!

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wear-no-more: school skirts

I have slowly but surely tossed/donated most of the skirts that I wore while in school. There are a few stragglers that I have in my wear-no-more pile. Going back to what we talked about yesterday, odd lengths on tiny people just don’t work. I look best in skirts the are floor length or at least a couple of inches above the knee. Anything in between just looks off and anything to the mini extreme makes me feel violated. My all time favorite skirts right now are the jersey knit skirts that are EVERYWHERE. This skirt is from JCPenny, $10.

I have several from different stores, different colors, different patterns. They are awesome. I can pair them with a tank top & flip-flops or dress them up a shirt & heals. They are perfect for Puerto Rico weather; super light and airy.

All that to say, here was my challenge today. This is a mess of a stylish skirt. I love the animal print, and I love the jersey knit fabric. That’s about it. Oh, and if I remember the price correctly @ $7 (clearance), I love that too.

1. Take in sides to fit 2. Remove lining 3. Chop off length/hem

Geez, I look so depressed. (If you were here watching me work with my camera & DIY tripod, you’d be depressed too!)

Here’s for one fantastic transformation!

Woohoo!! This skirt has just ranked #1 on my favorite clothing pieces! :) I’m so pumped with how it turned out.

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