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Oh Boy!

I’ve been MIA for far. too. long.

It all started with an apartment move. Then, a positive pregnancy test (AHH!!!). Followed by some unfortunate morning sickness. I then flew to SC for a best friend’s wedding. Another month went by spent with my family in Indiana. When I came back, I slept a lot…and watched Netflix. The doctor put me on bed-rest for several weeks after a scare. Victor’s mom and grandma came for a bit to help & keep me company. We found out we have a baby BOY on the way. The nesting came on like nobody’s business. And here we are.

Oh how much my life has changed in the past several months. Love it.

Here is a look into my growing bump!

It’s been a complete whirlwind, an exciting one! We feel overly blessed that we will soon be mommy & daddy.

More on pregnancy & baby later! (Maybe tomorrow…or is that too soon?)



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Am I really a stalker?

Yes, yes I am a stalker. A proud stalker of lots & lots of blogs. I love design blogs most of all, they seem to grab my attention the longest.  I have big dreams for a future design blog in my big fancy home. One day. :) Due to the fact that I am currently a beach bum, this shall be far from a design blog. We find ourselves on the 4th floor of a 2-bedroom, fully furnished condo, 2 blocks from the beach in San Jaun, PR. As of right now, I will not be working. However, I am open to the possibility, should something become available. I shall be walking to the grocery store, working on my tan, learning lots of Spanish, & documenting my every breath. (only kidding) My thoughts are extremely scattered these days. Maybe this here blog will assist me in organizing my mental brain as well as our apartment. It will also become my new best friend, as of right now all of my friends are thousands of miles away. (i won’t cry…i won’t cry…okay, I’ll cry) I am pretty crafty, love taking photos, & I have the crazy idea of starting a family here soon; the combination of those three things should provide hope for a positive future in the blogging business.

So, here’s to my first blog post…”cheers!”