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Life on the Big Screen

Oh my goodness. I have turned into a TV freak. For real. I have several weekly shows, that no matter what, I figure out how to watch. DVR is my best friend, ever. Also, the internet! While Victor & I were living in Louisville, we were trying to live fruggl-ish. This is when we found ‘our shows.’ I’ve recently wandered on to a few new ones, but we still have ours. Here’s the combined list of my life on the big screen:

The twisted plot has me wishing I could add myself into the script & kick some major boot-ay!

This nastiness keeps me at the edge of my seat, every single episode. I keep my distance from walkers, now.

I have recently joined the DA fans. I would loved to have lived in this era, I hate dressing myself.

I get sucked into this show every season. Don’t judge.

I really enjoy this show. I love the additional comedy tastefully added.

There you have it, my guilty pleasures. No doubt, when I get all settled into my new @homewife position, I will find me some more to add. Just you wait! Until then, cheers to TV.