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DIY Maxi Skirt

I made myself a maxi skirt! Not only are they super in right now…but they are so versatile. They are perfect for my Puerto Rican lifestyle…crazy heat outdoors/crazy air conditioners indoors. There are very few fabrics stores here, but of course I’ve found one. I believe this fabric is almost like a swimsuit material…not easy to work with. {for $5 who’s complaining??}I scoured the web for a tutorial…and this is what I ended up doing:

Turn fabric right-sides together.I used one of my own skirts as a ‘pattern.’ It gave me the basic size/shape. I continued through to the desired length by cutting to the end of my fabric. Giving somewhat of a triangle effect.I sewed the two sides together using a zig-zag stitch.

As for the waist: I double folded the top, and stiched across the bottom edge. I left 2 ” for inserting my elastic.One of the many sewing tricks, use a safety pin to help guide the elastic all the way through. {ignore the nasty nails, they are now painted a nice glossy pink}Once you are through to the other side, stitch the two ends together. Be sure it’s sturdy! (don’t worry about the looks!) Then stitch across the remaining opening. I didn’t photograph the hemming…it’s rather simple: Double fold to desired length and stitch away. I used a zig-zag stitch again.For my first attempt, I’m rather pleased. $5=fabric + $1=elastic + $2 thread + 1.5 hours = $8 new skirt! I’ll take it!Top is from Express and necklace was a gift. It’s SUPER comfy. I have big plans for another maxi skirt…or 2. :)signature



wear-no-more: baggy pants

Today’s transformation just might knock your socks off. It did mine. Usually I can whip up these adjustments in under 2 hours. Not today. It took me all day. My poor sewing machine and I got in an awful fight, and I almost gave up! The humidity outside didn’t help at all. All around frustrating. That is until I finally finished and looked in the mirror!!! Here we go…

I’m loving the new ankle-pant look. It’s so stylish and perfect for shorties. They go great with practically any style of shoe. I really like pants that can help me pull of the shirt tucked in & un-tucked, always a plus. As usual, I am completely unwilling to pay what these places are asking. Mrs. El Cheapo.

The Loft: $69.50

Express: $69.90

J.Crew: $98.00

Café capri in seersucker

I have several pairs of pants in my wear-no-more pile. These pair have been in my closet for a few years, collecting dust. I think I wore them once, and now I’m embarrassed people saw me in public like this. They are made by Tracy Evans & supposedly a size 1. No way are these puppies a 1!!

After hours & hours. Headache upon headache. A coke, a cookie, and an episode of Gossip Girl…

Even though there are a few imperfections, and I might need to make a minor adjustment later, I’m VERY happy with the turnout. I love that they fit!

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