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my kind of tuesdays.

I’ve never been one to feel lazy. These days I am lazy. When family & friends ask how I am adjusting, I don’t quite know how to respond just yet. I feel as though I am on an extended vacation. It’s really nice. Eventually I’ll get into a routine and such. As for now, I’ll enjoy days like yesterday. It went something like this:

[look out my balcony, check the weather, there’s the sun! we’re good to go.]

[grab my extra large ‘bug-eyed’ sunglasses]

[…and my beach bag, with my new towel.]

[begin my trek down the street]

[admire the ironwork]

[almost there]

[ah, life is good]

[yay, not many people!]

[i usually claim a palm tree]

[lay out the towel & a good read]

[sometimes i paint my toenails]

[the sun was perfect]

[I usually only stay at the beach for 1.5-3 hours. We’ll be here for 5 years minimum, no need scorching my skin this early in the game. Victor got off early, so we met his boss for dinner @ a cute little restaurant on a dock.]

[these views are from my seat…]


[my hot date]

[yours truly]


It was a wonderful day!signature



Rear Window…

One of my all-time favorite Alfred Hitchcock film’s is Rear Window, starring Jimmy Stewart & Grace Kelly. This suspenseful 2 hour movie films every single scene from a rear window, a balcony. Crazy! If you’ve never seen this movie, you’re missing out!

Anyway, this afternoon I opened our balcony doors to let some air breeze in…which led me to capture these shots, from our rear window.

There’s your first glimpse of San Juan, PR. Now go buy yourself a plane ticket…