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Living Social & My Publisher

Hola! A few weeks back, I posted about my Pinterest Plans.  They included 10 pins that I had pinned on pinterest throughout the past year that I wanted to accomplish in the next few months. Well, I’m working on one….all because of my good friends over @ Living Social! I recently discovered a pretty sweet deal for My Publisher Photo Books. (Click on the picture below to go to link.)

I have used them once before, but the last 2 books have been through Mixbook. (I don’t have pictures of them, because they’re all boxed up in storage in SC.) Although I did find this one, when I gifted Victor with a book for his birthday, including a bunch of pictures of us.

Photobooks are a great way to “scrapbook” your pictures on a budget. You get free reign with the layout, colors, & sizes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good home-made $$$ scrapbook, but I’m so busy working on my tan & chilling on Netflix. So, now I better get to adding all of my instagram pictures to this new book. I’m pretty pumped about this deal, as well as marking a project off of my list! What are your budget friendly ways of organizing photos??

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Bobbleheads are way cool. Yup, check those bad boys out. My older brother purchased these as gifts for his groomsmen. They were probably the coolest gift ever, right? I did all the work for him…which is why Will’s hair is blonde, oops. They all turned out super great though. As I was browsing through some Living Social’s deals today, look what I came across!!!:

If you are in need of a unique or super cool gift, go for it! $70 is a steal…. promise. Living Social, Bobblehead Deal

What are some unique gift ideas you have bought or received? Share or comment below!

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Deals, deals & more deals.

Happy March 1st!

Yesterday I displayed my love for jewelry deals. What I failed to mention was my love for deals and sales in every department. Everything. Anywhere. Anytime. I do my research. I print my coupons. I download my apps. And that’s that. Today, I want to share with you my shopping secrets. To some of you this will seem like common knowledge, but to many the idea of buying something for dirt cheap is foreign.

My philosophy: Don’t allow yourself to pay a penny higher than what you value the product or service at.

This philosophy comes in handy when I see a ‘just in’ Guess purse calling my name. The price tag says $120, but my value is $50. I wait for red sticker to be slapped on to the tag, I wait for the price checker to flash a number cheaper than the red sticker, and I wait until I have a coupon of some sort. $48, BAM. (Crossing my finger this happens to the above beauty!)

Anyway, back to my secrets:

Picture 7

1). The Krazy Coupon Lady : This is my go-to site for grocery & drugstore shopping. They post the top deals on their front page, then you can find your store. All of the deals & in ad/printable coupons are linked to each specific deal. They do all of the hard work for you! I am always sure to go into the ‘comments’ section just in case other readers have stumbled across an extra coupon/deals.

2). Slick Deals : I try to browse this site once a day. Readers send in deals, and they are uploaded according to that day. They advertise deals for all over the internet for all sorts of things from computers to deodorant to Express coupons.

3). Home Shopping Network : My mom got me hooked onto this site. They have specific deals running daily. They also have deals running all of the time. They rarely charge shipping. And most of their products allow for split payments. Mom just bought a printer that she is making 3 separate payments on, instead of dishing it all out at once. It’s a neat little credit system.

4). Groupon: This site finds deals according to your location. You purchase the deals as vouchers to use or as products shipped to you. They always have great nationwide deals and some pretty great traveling packages.

5). Living Social: Same idea as Groupon, so if you don’t find what you like at Groupon, head on over to LS. This site find deals according to your location. You purchase the deals as vouchers to use or as products shipped to you. They always have great nationwide deals and some pretty great traveling packages.

6). Restaurant.COM : This is another one mom got me hooked on, especially in college. Local restaurants offer crazy coupon deals to get people to eat at their restaurant. You key in your zip code/city, state and the site direct you to pages of restaurants in your area. Most of the deals are $5-$10 for a $10-$50 certificate. It’s like eating for $50. Crazy!

7). Retail Me Not : They have a website, but I use the App on my iPhone. All you do is search for the store you’re going to, andup pops coupons. They have in-store & on-line coupons for you to choose between. I never checkout until I’ve checked this handy-dandy friend first.

8). ibotta : This is one of my newest apps. Each week there are pages of products listed. Underneath each product is a price that you can earn if you purchase the product, share the product, review the product, etc. Just upload your receipt and choose to redeem through PayPal or check by mail.

9). endorse : This app is similar to ibotta. You receive cash back for purchasing products. Many times it’s 10-25% back. Each week there are 2+ products that if you share the deal on FB then you can get 50%-100% back. This week they are offering 50% back on diapers (for all you mommies out there!!). Just upload your receipt, then choose to redeem your money by check or through PayPal. Simple.

These are some of my simple money saving tips, via websites & apps. If any of your favorites are not listed – please share by commenting below!

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