Living on Inspiration



Top: Kohls dress | Skirt: Express via TJMaxx | Wedhes: Kohls | Earrings: Pier 1 Imports

Necklace: Old Navy | Bracelet: NY & Co.

#9 of the 30×30 Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to come up with new ways to wear my clothes by mixing & matching them up, creating new looks. Check this out…that pretty lace top…is a dress. I never in a million years would have tried this, but thanks to some inspiring fellow bloggers,  I love that I did!! The dress was a little too long, so I had to pin it up a bit. No biggie, nobody could tell.

I’m loving my new skin color, a little bit of color goes a long way. Thankfully my beach partner {mom} is here for another week, so I should be looking all beach-y for a while longer. Yay!




I love LC

Top: Kohls/LC | Shorts: Kohls | Shoes: JCrew Factory | Belt: Express | Necklace: Old Navy | Bracelet: NY&co

#6 of my 30×30 Challenge

I love Lauren Conrad’s {LC} clothing line, from Kohls. I think all of her clothes are just so pretty. So detailed. So unique. Such as the back of my top. (I wear a nude cami underneath, is there a better way to go about this??) Many of her pieces are too big on me…but, I’ve found a few tops that work. :)

I am having a wonderful time with my mom being here. We’re just hanging out, introducing her to Puerto Rican food, yum! Yesterday was our first beach day…hopefully you’ll start seeing me not look so ghostly in the next few weeks.

I apologize for the photo quality. I have to wait until Victor gets home, not the best lighting. Blurry. Work in progress.



Olive + Bubblegum

An unlikely pair. I know. That’s what I thought, until I made this happen. I walked out of the bedroom, and the husband liked it. He approved! Usually, he’s very-very traditional when it comes to style/fashion. If it doesn’t “match,” then it’s a no. Nothing about this outfit “matches,” yet it works. Thanks to all of my new blog-world friends for inspiring me to think outside the box!

Top: Old Navy | Pants: Aerie | Shoes: JCrew Outlet | Bracelet: NY&Co | Necklace: American Eagle | Earrings: Aeropostale | Watch: Fossil