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Faux Graphic Designer

Every once in a while I get the privilege of living a double life. The one where I know what I’m doing when it comes to graphic design and such. Maybe one day I’ll have the chance to take some classes and learn to do everything the right way. I have had a few friends and family that trust me with their specific graphic design needs. I also, had a blast messing around with my own wedding invitations. It is something I really enjoy and have great pleasure in. Now you know, if you ever need something whipped up, holla at me!

Keep in mind, I’m no pro…

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Spring in the Bathroom


I’ve mentioned time and time again, the lack of fabric & craft stores. Luckily, I brought a little stash of stuff with me. For now, that’ll due. The process of settling into our apartment is a work in progress. We are slowly but surely making it our own. Even though the weather here is way different than the states…I still wanted some Spring-i-ness brought in. We had some bottles that I had removed the labels from. {I tried the whole dropping paint into the bottle technique first…horrible} So, I grabbed a handy dandy can of spray paint, and bam. I may tweak them later with some glitter or lace. It definitely adds a little pretty into our bathroom. :)



I heart lace.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned my love & adoration for lace yet. But, I LOVE LACE! {there, I said it}

I’ve been noticing lots of uniquely styled t-shirts out there. So, how about a little DIY. Nothing a little scissors & a zig-zag stitch couldn’t handle. I also added the scalloped edges to the bottom of my shirt.t-shirt {OldNavy & DIY}, skirt {Macy’s INC}, shoes {Belk Jessica Simpson}, purse {Coach Outlet}

A new t-shirt = a new outfit. Woohoo! :)



Instagram Photobook

A few weeks ago I posted about a deal on Living Social for photobooks. Unfortunately, when I opened My Publisher, their layouts didn’t support square photos. I ended up using that deal to purchase a photobook for my mom using photos from my wedding. I had it shipped directly to her, so I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. A week later, Shutterfly had a “pay shipping only” deal for their 8×8 photobooks. {$7.99!!! That’s it!} Finally, a year later I got my 2012 Instagram photos all together in one book! Check it out!I plan on making one every year. {even when Instagram goes out of style…}They supply perfect layouts that are ready for photos to be dropped right into them!It was quite fun to go through this past year…so many changes! {and vehicles…}For $7.99, does it get any better than this??Have you made an Instagram book?? Thoughts?

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DIY Maxi Skirt

I made myself a maxi skirt! Not only are they super in right now…but they are so versatile. They are perfect for my Puerto Rican lifestyle…crazy heat outdoors/crazy air conditioners indoors. There are very few fabrics stores here, but of course I’ve found one. I believe this fabric is almost like a swimsuit material…not easy to work with. {for $5 who’s complaining??}I scoured the web for a tutorial…and this is what I ended up doing:

Turn fabric right-sides together.I used one of my own skirts as a ‘pattern.’ It gave me the basic size/shape. I continued through to the desired length by cutting to the end of my fabric. Giving somewhat of a triangle effect.I sewed the two sides together using a zig-zag stitch.

As for the waist: I double folded the top, and stiched across the bottom edge. I left 2 ” for inserting my elastic.One of the many sewing tricks, use a safety pin to help guide the elastic all the way through. {ignore the nasty nails, they are now painted a nice glossy pink}Once you are through to the other side, stitch the two ends together. Be sure it’s sturdy! (don’t worry about the looks!) Then stitch across the remaining opening. I didn’t photograph the hemming…it’s rather simple: Double fold to desired length and stitch away. I used a zig-zag stitch again.For my first attempt, I’m rather pleased. $5=fabric + $1=elastic + $2 thread + 1.5 hours = $8 new skirt! I’ll take it!Top is from Express and necklace was a gift. It’s SUPER comfy. I have big plans for another maxi skirt…or 2. :)signature