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Numero Uno

I have had these white pants chilling in my wardrobe for some time. They never quite fit correctly. Somehow, during the move/unpacking I tried them on, and bam-they fit perfectly! Woohoo!

Victor called me yesterday morning and asked if I could come help him at work. I was thrilled at the thought of getting out of the apartment, wearing my 1st outfit out and about, and human interaction!! Thankfully, I have some work appropriate clothes amongst my 30.

We’re still in the process of learning the camera and its million settings. Bare with me through the process, any and all suggestions are appreciated! :)

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Closet Remix | 30×30

I spend the majority of my days pouring over fashion & home diy blogs. Oh the inspiration!  The only problem… I tend to have a strong urge to shop. All. The. Time. Now, let me remind you, I am a stay at home wife. Not only do I fail to have the necessary funds required to support this nasty habit , but I also fail to have places to wear all of the lovely clothes I find myself drooling over. However, I still like the idea of keeping my wardrobe up-to-date and versatile.

This is the answer to my big dilema…aka horrible problem.

I have seen many versions of this closet remix challenge going around the blog world from time to time. So, here I am following the trend…


1. Gather 30 items from your closet: tops|bottoms|skirts|dress|shoes {accessories not included}

2. Remix those items + accessories into 30 different outfits

3. Document {grab a camera & strike a pose}

4. No shopping during this period of time {you’re welcome, husband.}

I have already gathered my 30 items:


Tops: 9

Cardigan & Blazers: 3

Pants & Shorts: 6

Skirts: 3

Dresses: 3

Shoes: 6

Is there anybody out there interested in trying out this challenge with me?? I’m all about finding me some partners in crime!!


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wear-no-more: skinny jeans that don’t fit

This is a photos from our engagement album. I’m wearing my favorite pair of skinny jeans…one of those Target runs that turned into, “let me see if they have anything on sale in the clothing section.” However, consistently found myself pairing them with boots. They never fit correctly around the ankle. They were baggy-skinny jeans. So, I hid them with my boots, magic. Back in December I chopped them off, thinking I could wear them as capris when we moved to PR. Right… They officially got tossed into the wear-no-more pile a couple of weeks ago. I find myself wearing lots of shorts and skirts these days. Why not trim them up, similar to the black pair I transformed last week?

Who was I kidding, I would never wear these in public.

I trimmed them up a few more inches, iron pressed a double fold, then a quick little stitch inside to hold them into place.


From my favorite pair of skinny jeans, to my favorite pair of skinny shorts. Bam!

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