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This is my madre. She’s the best of the best. Today she turns 50! (How many 50 year olds do you know look this good? + 11 kids, yeah right.) She is my biggest inspiration and role model. Hands down, she’s the strongest person I know. The relationship she has with each of her kids is special and unique. I am beyond blessed to call her “mom.” (Victor would say the same.)

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you so very much, and I am so-so-so proud of you.




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Bo & Michelle: video

They did it, they tied the knot! While I work on downloading/stealing/editing pictures, I thought I’d share a video/slideshow that I put together for Bo & Michelle’s rehearsal dinner. Enjoy!

Bo&Michelle from Julia Fernandez on Vimeo.



A birthday cake for Lauren


My little sister Lauren turned 12 today! She requested an elephant birthday cake. I’m not the world’s best baker…by any means. I found the most simple cake recipe and got my craft on. Here’s what I came up with. (apologies for the iphone pix)

#1: I found this elephant silhouette online

#2: print, cut, outline, cut on glitter paper

#3: color edges

#4: punch hole & color for eye

#5: i used scrapbook paper for the bunting

#6: combination of pattern/colors

#7: staple triangles to ribbon

#8: attach to sticks (i’ve use shish-kabobs)


For my first cake from scratch, I’d say i did pretty good. :) I”ll post pictures of the everyone next time! :)


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I want to introduce…

my one-and-only, favorite niece.

Layna Brooke Nelson

This little infant has a personality way bigger than she is. I am so very thankful for the opportunity I have had to watch her lots & lots of times over the past 2 months, before I head away and we have a long distant relationship. (tear) We have had many long deep conversations…and shared our true feelings about mommy & grandma to each other. I love this little bean so much!

I took this shot of Layna @ 2 weeks

long talks with layna from Julia Fernandez on Vimeo.

she thinks i’m the coolest….obviously from Julia Fernandez on Vimeo.


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My sister got married.

My sister, Tori, had a beautiful elegant wedding in Nov. ’12. We had a very short time to ‘throw’ everything together. She was a stunning bride, we fixed her dress to mostly hide her baby bump, and she was able to wear all of my jewelry and head piece. 2 of my friends were able to shoot the wedding (a new experience for them), and they did a fabulous job! (Shout-out to Sharon Niega & Jonathan Niega) Besides the fact that the officiant showed up 30 minutes late, everything went off without a hiccup. Their even was held at Meyer’s Castle in Dyer, IN. Here are some of the highlights.

I might have to include a few of Victor & myself…

we obviously enjoyed ourselves…