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That Game

Monday’s are usually dedicated to documenting our fabulous weekends. Not that this weekend wasn’t fabulous, but my mind has been consumed by more important, life-threatening issues. Candy Crush Saga. I’m a tad bit addicted. {I know a few of you are as well…} This morning my sister wakes me up, asking for a ticket to the next segment. {Well, good morning to you too, sister.} I then find out, my mom is the one helping her play. {my MOM????} So much for the grand idea of buying her a smart phone… {jk} Special thanks to all of my loving friends that have supported my new bad habit by sending me lives, extra moves, & tickets!!!

Now, if only I can figure out level 50, dangit!








End of April.

Victor had a rather crazy week with work, way busy. I spent Wed. – Fri. sick in bed with a migraine. We looked forward to the weekend so desperately. When it came, we napped! We shopped around for ceiling fans & a television for the apartment. We found our sweet tooth{s} at a bakery. We watched October Baby, awesome movie!! {pro-LIFE} On our way to church, Victor had to stop in at work to check on a flight. We ended up getting stuck at the airport all day. Game night 2 nights in a row. Last night we took a nice walk around San Juan. Overall, total relaxation.