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Top: Express | Shorts: AE | Belt: Ann Taylor | Necklace: Old Navy | Sandals: Target

#13 of the 30×30 Challenge

I originally planned on not shopping at all during this challenge. But, who can pass up a stunning, $7 Ann Taylor belt. (Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite dropped to $7 online) Not me, I didn’t even have to think twice. I might even wear it for the next 15 outfits. Just a fair warning.

We were drenched in sun the whole time mom was here. I always burn right away and get extremely red, lobster like. Then it chills out. I have a super nice base now. We’ll see how long I can continue covering my ghost like complexion.



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Pants: Aerie | Top: JCPenney | Shoes: Target | Belt: H&M |

#11 of the 30×30 Challenge

I tell you, my new life in this blogging world has completely changed my look on my own personal fashion/style. I never used to wear belts… Love them now. And then there’s this chambray top. I never thought this look would ever be ‘me.’ I would have tossed it in a hillbilly/country girl’s wardrobe. Nope. It’s chilling in my wardrobe, and I’m in love. I really want to purchase a polka dot chambray. How fun are they? We’ll just say it’s a necessity.

I’ve had such a wonderful time having my mom here for 2 full weeks. It’s our last full day. Sad. This past weekend we went hiking up to a waterfall, walking all around Old San Juan, and then drove all the way to the other side of the island to one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been too. Our friends from school got married last week and were honeymooning here. We sneaked them outside of the hotel and took them with us. It was so much fun!! (Pictures are being compiled and all organized…coming soon!)




Rose Gold & Lace

Top: Carsons | Blazer: Kohls | Pants: Aerie | Shoes: Kohls | Earrings: Macy’s | Watch: Fossil

Outfit number 2 of my 30×30 challenge!!

I am fascinated by rose gold. My wedding had touches of it all over, including the halo around the diamond on my wedding ring. Not only was this top on clearance a few months back, but it had the coolest design with some rose gold studs. I didn’t have to think twice. Now, let’s talk about lace. In my opinion, it is classic and there’s no way to go wrong with lace. It screams elegance and sophistication. This is one of my favorite pieces of clothing, you will most likely see it plenty over the next 28 outfits. {If you would have told me at age 16 that I would wear lace on my wedding day, I would have flipped. I even covered my programs in lace with a sewing machine…}

I had other shoes that would have looked better, but they weren’t including in my challenge… I figured, you can’t go wrong with some animal print to complete an outfit. So, there you go: 2 down, 28 to go!


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Pretty in Pink.

After last week’s fun with some green glitter, I let my nails breathe over the weekend. They were rather thankful. Cooking Spray is a recent addition to my manicure necessities. I came across the idea of using it on Pinterest. It helps the drying/finishing process when it comes to painted nails. I’ve also started using it as as cuticle oil substitution. It works. And it’s always in the kitchen, which is so convenient. I went for the pink-look this week, and here’s what happened.

How fun is this?? Thanks for stopping by! :)