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Where We’re Calling Home

I’ve had several friends and family ask for pictures of where we’re living these days. So, here we go. I threw together the above floorplan to help you understand the layout. (it’s not to scale, I just eyeballed it) The space is very long. :-) We are very blessed to be renting from one of Victor’s Aunts! The apartment is fully furnished/equipped, so nice. She still has quite a bit of stuff here from when she lived here. She’ll be moving it all out shortly. Then it’s all ours to have fun with. Enjoy! :)

So, there you have it. Our wonderful new home. We are so very thankful that God has worked out every little {& big} detail out in us moving here. My mom is coming to visit for 2 weeks in May, right around the corner. I am beyond excited about having some company throughout the day! :)

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A Saturday in Old San Juan

Victor & I spent the afternoon catching some rays, then headed to Old San Juan. The last few times we were there, I had forgotten my camera. Oops. I am working on weaning myself off of the AUTO setting and attempting to learn more about photography. It’s much more difficult than I anticipated. However, I had a blast and that has to count for something, right? During our visit we shopped, had coconut ice cream (a must), adored all of the colors and architecture, and crashed a wedding…take a look!

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Rear Window…

One of my all-time favorite Alfred Hitchcock film’s is Rear Window, starring Jimmy Stewart & Grace Kelly. This suspenseful 2 hour movie films every single scene from a rear window, a balcony. Crazy! If you’ve never seen this movie, you’re missing out!

Anyway, this afternoon I opened our balcony doors to let some air breeze in…which led me to capture these shots, from our rear window.

There’s your first glimpse of San Juan, PR. Now go buy yourself a plane ticket…