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Tank: Old Navy | Blazer: Candies for Kohls | Jeans: Aerie | Wedges: Kohls | Necklace: old gift

#23 of the 30×30 Challenge

For the past few weeks, maybe even a month, I’ve had burger cravings. Major burger cravings. Growing up our family would grill out at least once a week, mostly on Sunday afternoons. Whether it was burgers and hotdogs with all the toppings or steak, potatoes and corn on the cob. We did it up big. I am a huge grilling-out fan, and so is Victor. Unfortunately, the 13 months we’ve been married, none of our apartments/living arrangements have allowed for us to have a grill. Can you say dumb?? McDonalds and Burger King just don’t do the trick.

This weekend, Victor looked up Fudruckers. We headed that way, only to not find it. Google maps and GPS’s don’t have much luck with directions in Puerto Rico. We ended up at Chili’s. I still ordered a burger, but fter it being completely raw the first time around and overly salted the second time…my burger craving was squashed.

All this to say, I wore this outfit to eat a burger….and it didn’t go so well! I will always be a meat-a-tarian, though.






Top: Gap | Pants: Kohls | Shoes: Kohls| Belt: Forever 21 | Necklace: Old Navy


#21 of the 30×30 Challenge

SO glad I tossed this top into the challenge. I love it. I need to get some leggings to toss underneath for another easy outfit. I actually wore this to church on Sunday. I’m usually a skirts & dresses to church kind of girl, but they blast the air like nobody’s business. I tend to gravitate towards dress pants or super long skirts + I always have a shawl to toss around my arms. I just got chills thinking about it.

Victor and I are planning a cruise for this fall, more than likely in September. With us being right down the street from the San Juan departure port, convenience has us probably hopping on one here. Have any of you been on a cruise? Out of San Juan? Thoughts?? I’ve never been on a cruise, so fill me in!




Top: LC for Kohls | Pants: Kohls | Sandals: Target | Watch: Target

#20 of the 30×30 Challenge

After yesterday’s post, I needed some mint and floral in my life. Feeling so much better and put together in this combo. Also, let’s talk about these sandals. I believe I paid under $10 last year when I ordered them online in January. I wore them a few times last summer, but wasn’t head over heels. In regards to these past few months, they have been my go to! They add just enough color and girly-ness I need for any outfit. You’re probably tired of seeing them. Forgive me. 10 more days. :)

I am itching with excitement about heading to the states for 6 weeks!!! One of my best friends is getting married July12th and then I get to spend a few weeks with my family. Living this far away from all of my loves has been super hard, so this will be just perfect!!!!

What’s on your summer agenda?




Dress: Kohls | Top: JCPenney | Shoes: Jcrew Outlet | Purse: Coach Outlet | Belt: Forever 21 | Earrings: Target

#17 of the 30×30 Challenge

I am a recent lover of chambray, and a long time lover of lace. This duo rocks. The lace adds the perfect femininity I need to feel girly.

I wore this to a trip to the mall. The mall here is amAzing… It is about triple the size of my hometown mall. Like, you can seriously get lost. Oh, and there are palm trees chilling all around.

We’re finally/officially moved into the apartment. We brought SO much stuff from the states, it’s ridiculous. So, finding a spot for everything will be quite the task. Wish me luck.




Top: Old Navy | Pants: Kohls | Shoes: Shoe Carnival

#15 of the 30×30 Challenge

Due to the extreme heat and so forth, I changed out a dress and a jacket (that I hadn’t worn, yet) for 2 tops. (Today’s and tomorrows) No big deal. Just a necessary adjustment. I’m loving this relaxed look. Also, I need 20 more of these loose and wavy tops.

Oh my goodness, what a whirlwind of a weekend. Long story, short: we moved. We are now closer to the airport for Victor, the beach is our backyard, and I have a pool. (piscina en espanol) We downsized to a 1-bedroom, but we couldn’t be happier. There’s also an awesome bakery across the street, I don’t believe it gets any better.