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Closet Remix | 30×30


I spend the majority of my days pouring over fashion & home diy blogs. Oh the inspiration!  The only problem… I tend to have a strong urge to shop. All. The. Time. Now, let me remind you, I am a stay at home wife. Not only do I fail to have the necessary funds required to support this nasty habit , but I also fail to have places to wear all of the lovely clothes I find myself drooling over. However, I still like the idea of keeping my wardrobe up-to-date and versatile.

This is the answer to my big dilema…aka horrible problem.

I have seen many versions of this closet remix challenge going around the blog world from time to time. So, here I am following the trend…


1. Gather 30 items from your closet: tops|bottoms|skirts|dress|shoes {accessories not included}

2. Remix those items + accessories into 30 different outfits

3. Document {grab a camera & strike a pose}

4. No shopping during this period of time {you’re welcome, husband.}

I have already gathered my 30 items:


Tops: 9

Cardigan & Blazers: 3

Pants & Shorts: 6

Skirts: 3

Dresses: 3

Shoes: 6

Is there anybody out there interested in trying out this challenge with me?? I’m all about finding me some partners in crime!!



13 thoughts on “Closet Remix | 30×30

  1. I am loving your clothes! You have a great mixed and I love all of the colors.


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  4. loving your picks! You have lots of versatile pieces.

    • I hope so! I’m in Puerto Rico, so I can’t do a lot of scarves and layering… I probably should have attempted this challenge a little differently. But, here’s for trying! :)

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