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wear-no-more: this dress

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After I made my first maxi dress, I had to make another…This dress has been chilling in my closet for over 4 years. Here I am wearing it during my junior year of college, with my 2 sisters. So many memories…Here I am with 2 of my best friends. As you can see, it was a great college dress. I tossed a tank underneath, a little sweater over top, and I was good to go. That’s not going to happen anymore… This is how the dress is supposed to be worn. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute. But, it’s a lot of material, it looks like a pregnancy dress and it’s too low-rather uncomfortable. It was screaming to be transformed, and with my new found love for maxi skirts…I got giddy. Here’s what happened after I got a hold of it. I love the vibrancy, the comfortable-ness, and everything! I’m wearing heals in the photos, but I’m all about a pair of flips-flops and a tank top for a casual day. Thoughts? signature


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