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wear-no-more: bermudas


New series!!! wear-no-more. >I have gone through my entire collection of Puerto Rico clothes, and I discovered a stack that really doesn’t fit me all that well. Ah-hah moment, “make them fit me.” I’m stuck at a weight that is very difficult to find clothes that fit, so this is the perfect solution. Many of these clothing articles will require minor alterations, and then there are several that are in need of major transformations. I’m rather excited about adding some new clothing to my closet. So, cheers! to this new series, and cheers! to new clothes, revamped. Wish me luck.

I am over bermuda shorts. I tried to pretend, for the longest time, that I liked them. But long shorts on a tiny person can rarely look good, in my opinion. They chop your leg length in half, and I’ve never found a pair that actually fit. I’ve discovered these longer-short shorts that I love, from Loft. They come in a variety of colors. >here<

Being the el-cheapo individual that I am, I’ll never pay $40 on a pair of shorts. (If you can, go for it, it’s just not my style…no pun intended…) I snatched these pair of Arizona bermuda shorts out of my “wear-no-more” pile. I had purchased them for $3 on clearance last year from JCPenny.

I know, they’re not the worst pair of shorts on the planet. But, they’re certainly not the most attractive nor becoming on a 25 year old, beach bum. I whipped these puppies in shape using my best bud, Bern. We’ve been together, going on 3 years. She’s my pride & joy.

And, here’s what happened after i took in about 2″ from each leg, and the same in the hem. Yup, I think I’ll wear them in public.

Woo-hoo, a new pair of shorts for $free! I’m getting so pumped as I look at this huge pile of wear-no-more‘s sitting next to me. Oh, for the possibilities!

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6 thoughts on “wear-no-more: bermudas

  1. This is awesome! Looking forward to seeing more transformations…and I totally could do this with a pile of clothes I have too! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love them. Layna wants you take make her an outfit…we miss you!

  3. I love them! The 2 inches shorter really helps! I should do that to some of mine! Great job!

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