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Neutral with a touch of Neon


Shorts: Kohls, similar | Tank: Old Navy | Sandals: Target, Similar | Purse: Coach Outlet, Similar


This was my Saturday-wear. Super fancy, huh? Victor was up in NY for an aircraft test, so I kept it rather simple. If you’ve been following my 30×30 challenge, you’ll notice these sandals weren’t in the mix. I’m trading out one of the black heels, for these bad boys. No biggie. I needed some comfy shoes. :)

This is no news flash for most, but I’m learning the value of tucking in the shirt. I feel much for put together when my shirt is tucked in and I slap a belt through the loops. I also didn’t realize how many belts I have. Not that I won’t find a reason to need a few more.

In other news, mom arrives tomorrow!!!! 2 weeks, I get her for a whole two weeks. I’m pumped!

Happy Monday!!




2 thoughts on “Neutral with a touch of Neon

  1. Love the orange trim on that tank!

  2. I love this! Your sandals are gorgeous.


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