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The Office Nook

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{Before} It was somewhat an unused space. The laundry room hides behind those doors, which is so nice. But, the rest of the area was pretty much just storage. Due to the fact that I am a firm believer that every home needs some sort of office space, this was immediately where I decided for it to be.The desk, chair & lamp were chilling in the second bedroom. It fit perfectly! We found the white desk organizer at TjMaxx on clearance {booyah!} The space is nothing to be desired, YET! I have some  big plans for wall decor, especially to cover up the switch box. We will have to be somewhat strategic, because the walls are all cement. {Hammering nails isn’t a cup of tea!} I will keep you posted…no worries.



One thought on “The Office Nook

  1. I am loving your office! Seems like you can get a lot done there.


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