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Where We’re Calling Home


I’ve had several friends and family ask for pictures of where we’re living these days. So, here we go. I threw together the above floorplan to help you understand the layout. (it’s not to scale, I just eyeballed it) The space is very long. :-) We are very blessed to be renting from one of Victor’s Aunts! The apartment is fully furnished/equipped, so nice. She still has quite a bit of stuff here from when she lived here. She’ll be moving it all out shortly. Then it’s all ours to have fun with. Enjoy! :)

So, there you have it. Our wonderful new home. We are so very thankful that God has worked out every little {& big} detail out in us moving here. My mom is coming to visit for 2 weeks in May, right around the corner. I am beyond excited about having some company throughout the day! :)

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2 thoughts on “Where We’re Calling Home

  1. Wow what a gorgeous apartment! I love the living room area, it’s gorgeous.


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