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A Quilt is a Quilt.

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I would love to tell you I’m using some professional quilting pattern. {Ha} Check out this puppy. I grabbed some markers and drew it up myself. I’m still crossing my fingers that it’ll work out! :)I’ve mentioned several times the lack of fabric stores in PR. Unfortunately I was stuck working with Walmart on this one. {@$2.98/yd. I can’t complain.} I was really hoping for a more neutral collection, but this will work. These are {absolutely} NOT the tools I’d recommend. However, they’re what I have. It worked. :)It only took 2 days to get all of these cut out. {ah!!}And this will be the binding. It’s my favorite color in the bunch.

I’m about halfway through piecing it all together. Woohoo!It’s pretty exciting watching it come together. Besides the fact that I bought way too much fabric, I’m happy.

What projects are you working on?? Thoughts on my quilt?? Leave me a comment!

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