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Instagram Photobook


A few weeks ago I posted about a deal on Living Social for photobooks. Unfortunately, when I opened My Publisher, their layouts didn’t support square photos. I ended up using that deal to purchase a photobook for my mom using photos from my wedding. I had it shipped directly to her, so I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. A week later, Shutterfly had a “pay shipping only” deal for their 8×8 photobooks. {$7.99!!! That’s it!} Finally, a year later I got my 2012 Instagram photos all together in one book! Check it out!I plan on making one every year. {even when Instagram goes out of style…}They supply perfect layouts that are ready for photos to be dropped right into them!It was quite fun to go through this past year…so many changes! {and vehicles…}For $7.99, does it get any better than this??Have you made an Instagram book?? Thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Instagram Photobook

  1. I love my publisher! and I am doing the same thing. A photobook for Michael and I for every year together. I am waiting for mine to show up any day now :-)

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