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my kind of tuesdays.

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I’ve never been one to feel lazy. These days I am lazy. When family & friends ask how I am adjusting, I don’t quite know how to respond just yet. I feel as though I am on an extended vacation. It’s really nice. Eventually I’ll get into a routine and such. As for now, I’ll enjoy days like yesterday. It went something like this:

[look out my balcony, check the weather, there’s the sun! we’re good to go.]

[grab my extra large ‘bug-eyed’ sunglasses]

[…and my beach bag, with my new towel.]

[begin my trek down the street]

[admire the ironwork]

[almost there]

[ah, life is good]

[yay, not many people!]

[i usually claim a palm tree]

[lay out the towel & a good read]

[sometimes i paint my toenails]

[the sun was perfect]

[I usually only stay at the beach for 1.5-3 hours. We’ll be here for 5 years minimum, no need scorching my skin this early in the game. Victor got off early, so we met his boss for dinner @ a cute little restaurant on a dock.]

[these views are from my seat…]


[my hot date]

[yours truly]


It was a wonderful day!signature


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