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Geez, I don’t feel (and most people say I don’t look) a day over 18. But, here I am…25 as of yesterday! I am so thankful for where I am in life. God is so good. Technology is the best…I was able to share some of my day with my family through texting, phone calls, & FaceTime. My wonderful husband took me to dinner  & the mall (TWO Guess purses, check them out at the end of the post!). Grandma came over and cooked us lunch, then the rest of the family stopped by for cake time! Here’s a look into my day:

I also received some really cute tops and a skirt, but we need to do some exchanging of sizes! So-so thankful for a wonderful husband who went out of his way to make my birthday so very special!

(Mustard purse available here) (Gray purse available here)



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