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DIY Artwork

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I am a huge fan of artwork. I am an even bigger fan of DIY. This post if all about merging the 2. Here goes:

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Check it out, another chevron piece of art. I’m a sucker for glitz & glitter…

You could make this pretty with any shape/colors of your choice. LOVE!

Ombre is such a neat “fad”…How easy would this piece be to DIY. Canvas, brush, and probably                                                                 3 shades or your desired colors. Bam!

Go fall in love with a a fabric & toss it in a frame for a classy piece of art!

We just used fabric…now we’re switching to scrapbook paper…CHEAP and fun!

I don’t have a website to link this last one to, but it’s the most unique. I think this is so genius!                                                 Thumbtacks… Options are unlimited!

Hopefully these have inspired you to start your own DIY wall art. I’ve been inspired, for sure.

We’re still getting “settled”…and I’m still enjoying too much Netflix. signature


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