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Living Social & My Publisher

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Hola! A few weeks back, I posted about my Pinterest Plans.  They included 10 pins that I had pinned on pinterest throughout the past year that I wanted to accomplish in the next few months. Well, I’m working on one….all because of my good friends over @ Living Social! I recently discovered a pretty sweet deal for My Publisher Photo Books. (Click on the picture below to go to link.)

I have used them once before, but the last 2 books have been through Mixbook. (I don’t have pictures of them, because they’re all boxed up in storage in SC.) Although I did find this one, when I gifted Victor with a book for his birthday, including a bunch of pictures of us.

Photobooks are a great way to “scrapbook” your pictures on a budget. You get free reign with the layout, colors, & sizes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good home-made $$$ scrapbook, but I’m so busy working on my tan & chilling on Netflix. So, now I better get to adding all of my instagram pictures to this new book. I’m pretty pumped about this deal, as well as marking a project off of my list! What are your budget friendly ways of organizing photos??

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