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Jewelry on the Cheapo

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One of the worst feelings is to be on my way somewhere, anywhere, and realize I have forgotten earrings. While I was in school, I started carrying a spare pair in my bag for such emergencies. I am an accessory freak. I rarely walk by the jewelry, purse, & shoes departments without taking a peek. That being said, I never (ever) pay full price. I am a clearance chica, all the way. If Victor & I ever become millionaires, you will still find me heading straight to the big red sale signs. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about product quality… I just have the patience to wait for my Guess purses to be marked down to at least 50% off. Even then, I better have a coupon.

When it comes to jewelry, I’m not as worried about top brand and/or quality. I just love when a cute necklace can complete my outfit’s look without busting my husband’s wallet. Here’s where we get to go to China, again. (Remember my big China purchase last year??)


1). Type in JewleryImage

2). Click “Buy it Now” (nobody wants to bid on jewelry….)Image

3). Click “Free Shipping” (I want to pay the price I see…not +S&H)Image

4). Narrow down your price-point ( I usually shrink the price down to $10 on the high end)Image

5). Let the shopping begin!! (Now that you have narrowed down your search, you can go back and be more specific with what exactly you are looking for, or you can browse ’til there’s no tomorrow. My kind of shopping, for sure.)

Here are some great pieces that I love, under $10. (Click on the photo to be directed to the website for ordering)

[$2.18] I have ordered 2 of these as gifts.

[$1.99] Peacock adjustable ring.

[$9.50] Loving this color combo.

[$0.99] If you like to ride your bicycle, then you definitely need these

[$0.99] I love this retro/vintage look.

[2.97] Here you go, support your gun rights. lol

[$6.61] Color option for these bib necklace are ridiculous!

[$1.43] Where else can you find a fashion statement like this piece?!

[$3.99] I’m a big fan of these pretties.

[$7.50] Gorgeous…


What are your go-to sites for something fashionably cheap?signature


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