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our dream home: interior black doors

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I love Pinterest. Like, a lot. I mean, the endless inspiration is one-of-a-kind. My dream home gets put together day-by-day, pin-by-pin. Due to the fact that we are apartmenting it up on the beach, my some-day home is on hold. These next several years will allow me time to have this future home all nailed down…ready to get to work when the time comes. I will start posting on a regular basis, plans/ideas/decor/colors etc. that I will one-day incorporate. Here’s to post uno.

Interior Black Doors

Home by Heidi

The Yellow Cape Cod

Live Beautifully

Chris Kauffman

Manhattan Nest

Source Unknown (Pinterest)

My style is a fantastic duo: classic-contemporary. I love the classic charm, with the clean contemporary feel. These black doors just make me grin, ear-to-ear. One day…sigh!



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