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Our Dresses: Bride & Bridesmaids

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My dress… I had decided a very long time ago, that I would not spend a crazy amount on a dress I’d wear for a few hours. I also knew I wanted a “julia dress.” I wanted to make it mine, nobody else would wear the same dress. I did what every thrifty bride wishes she had the guts to do. I searched for hours upon hours on-line, never entering a single bridal shop to try on an abundant amount of dress. I then came across DHGate, a website hosting online shops all around the world. Companies copy designer gowns and sell them for dirt cheap. Yes, I found my dress on-line, from Guangdong, China to be exact! $135!!

Designer Gown: front

Designer Gown: back

After waiting about 4 weeks, the doorbell rang, and there it was. My excitement quickly turned into disappointment when I saw the package…a large manilla envelope with tape all over it. Running through my little brain: “Oh no, what have I gotten myself into.” I began to open it, and here’s what happened:

I freaked out at first, because I didn’t see “lace,” but then quickly realized they had turned it inside out. I was seeing the lining.

Check out my sister’s face, she’s going to kill me.

I was trying to be excited, but I really wasn’t sure what I thought…

The back was my favorite… the waterfall draping!

I’m not liking the flowers…

They were big & bulky, they covered up too much beading detail, & they were cheap looking.

Uh-oh, someone gave me scissors!

Much better!

Just that bit of altering made a world of difference!

The lace detail was simply stunning!

Last pictures before we chopped off the rest of the flowers!

My grandma and I spent hours upon hours fitting it to me. Those memories I’ll cherish for a lifetime!

I couldn’t have designed a more perfect dress for myself! :)

We ended up having to add a second strap because we couldn’t get it to fit properly. Grandma found these straps in Chicago, and they were perfect. Of course, we found a place for my flower…

As for my bridesmaid’s dresses, I also ended up finding them online…from China. We sent in their measurements, attempting to save some money in alterations. I chose this dress in a deep gray color. It seemed flow-y and all.

When we received them, they were double lined and rather heavy for a beach wedding. The one-shoulder detail was different on every dress. So, I had the girls hem them to the knee, I messed with the detailing, and sewed pearls along the strap in the back. I changed up my sister’s a bit to specialize the MOH’s & jr. bridesmaids. They turned out perfectly. One of my favorite pictures…love these girls!

If you have any questions about these dresses, let me know!



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