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Engagement: I knew it!

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Yay! I’ve made it to my second day of blogging. This is big for me, don’t try to understand.

Anyway, almost 9 months ago, Victor & I tied the knot. It feels more like 9 years. That’s a good thing, right? Here’s a look into a bit of our engagement. I’ll get into the wedding over the weekend.


I moved home (with my family in the Chicagoland area) in the summer of 2011 to not only help my mom with the kiddos but to also save a bit of money. Victor & I were apart for a couple of months before he accepted a job in October. He came up that first weekend for a visit, and I knew “this was it.” Until, we spent hours at the mall, dilly-dallying. As much as I love the mall, it was the worst when I was expecting him to put a ring on it. On our way to the “movies,” he took a wrong turn. We ended up at the Indiana Dunes State Park: Lake Michigan. (One of my family’s all time favorite places.) We parked, and I began getting rather giddy! As we began walking on the beach, the cold winds & freezing sand did the trick. Victor grabbed me for a tight squeeze, dropped down on one knee, pulled a ring out of nowhere (literally nowhere…I was looking all day!), declared his undying love for me, I turned around and screamed, he placed the gorgeous rock on my finger, I cried, he cried, we had one big kiss, and then we sprinted back to the car to escape the horrific weather. On our way back to the house for a little engagement party with my family, we called his parents and a few friends to announce the news! Due to the fact that everything was so hurried, there are no pictures of the actual proposal itself. These were taken when we arrived home.

Happily Engaged!

My gorgeous ring: Cushion Cut/Rose Gold Halo/White Gold Band

My gorgeous ring: Cushion Cut/Rose Gold Halo/White Gold Band

  I loved being engaged! We quickly picked May 18, 2012 as our date to get married, and the wedding planning began the next day! Thanks for reading!



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